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Couterattack by Ponentguy

Here I am, first wave, first row.

Behind me, free people.

Before me, those want to enslave them.

If I have to die, let it be preventing that from happening.

This is where we stop them, they will advance no further.



The context - Battle of Arcosa Valley

The Mitzish invasion of Salai trough Arcosa Valley was brought to a halt by a local garrison near a town called Dorsp.

The defenders fought bravely but the town was surrounded and occupied before the main army could arrive.

The town was a crossroads guarding the entrance to the valley, so it had a great strategic value and neither of the armies was willing to give it up.

This scene represents the Salaian counterattack.


The vehicles – BOC assault guns

BOC 1 was an assault gun used by the Salaian army during the Salaian-Mitzish war.

It was based on the Argius 1tank and carried a 75 mm low velocity gun. It had decent armour for its time but it wasn’t a quick machine, so it was used for infantry support.

Silent entry, noisy escape by Ponentguy
Silent entry, noisy escape
An an old drawing from my notebook

An elite commando escapes from the enemy base in a captured aiship.

Sabotage mission completed! Next objective: Get the hell out of there!

The noise grew stronger and stronger. It was clearly the noise of engines coning from the frontline and flanks.

A soldier came running -Incoming! Tanks! Many of them! They have crossed the river!

-How many? -Asked the sergeant. -Dozens! And infantry too!

-Oh Lord... Get ready to engage them! If we run away now they will catch us on the open fields!

You! Run back to the telephone! Inform the base, go!

-I see one! -Interrupted one soldier. -Here they come...-Said another one with a grim.

-Gentlemen! Show them what we are made of. Give them hell! -Shouted the sergeant as he took the safety off his SMG

We all got in the best positions we could find and prayed whatever we knew.

By then we could see a mass of tanks and men, zigzagging in order to avoid the massive trees and their intricate aerial root system.

The roar of the engines was tremendous, and the ground trembled under our feet as we saw that that wall of steel coming towards us. It felt like witnessing a tsunami.

-Fire at will! -Shouted the sergeant. We opened fire and they answered with an overwhelming machinegun barrage, while still advancing.

The anti-tank rifle fired and hit a tank, probably killing its driver, but, instead of stopping, the vehicle accelerated and ran wildly towards us, guns blazing, until it ran into a tree. It stopped firing, probably to reload. I grabbed my anti-tank grenade (that by the way was just a dynamite stick with a grenade fuse). Suddenly something exploded too near to me. I was half blinded and deaf, but I didn't flinch. I was ready to finish that poor bastard.


The Vehicles - Kôrmitz light tanks

These light tanks where produced in large numbers by the Mitzish industry for propaganda purposes, but when planning the invasion it became evident that these thinly armored and weakly armed vehicles wouldn't be enough to defeat the Salaam fortifications and armor.

This realization made the Mitzish high command invest in developing and producing heavy assault guns, which were eventually deployed, but at a great expense.

The mitzish army still lacked of medium armor, but they didn't have enough funds to develop and produce it, and the best factories where bound to produce heavy assault guns, so they had to rely on a stopgag.

They started producing Kôrmitz based GPG's, tank destroyers, command and auxiliary vehicles, as well as upgunning and modifying the existing tanks.

In battle, the lack of quality had to be compensated with quantity and heavy gun support.


The context - Battle of Arcosa Valley

The Mitzish invasion of Salai trough Arcosa Valley was brought to a halt by a local garrison when they flooded the fields and demolished the bridges. The Salaian general on that front knew that they had to take the mountain pass that connects the valley and plains before hostile reinforcements arrived, so they launched a quick offensive trough a shallow section of the river and advanced towards the town, steamrolling the outnumbered and outgunned defenders.



Drawn with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and painted with Photoshop. I have tried to use a different technique for painting it, using only flat colors.

Kyupar peninsula map by Ponentguy
Kyupar peninsula map
Okay, I had this map lying arround for years, so I have finally decided get my stuff toggeder and post it. I couldn't scan it beacause of it's size, so i could only take a crappy picture of it.Sweating a little... 

This maps represents the Kyupar penninsula, the place in my fictional world where the countries of Salai and Mitze are set.
Salai occupies the eastern side of the peninsula and Mitze it's western side.
The frontier follows natural barriers, like mountain ranges and rivers.

Some day I might post and updated version of this map; with names, frontiers and cities.  Maybe.
Grenadier by Ponentguy

Drawn with pencil and painted with Photoshop.

Salaian grenadier, Madet islands campaign

Asado Bezerer-Salaian historian- About the Madet islands campaign

“The Madet Islands are an equatorial archipelago, in the middle of the ocean, halfway through the northern continents and the southern continent. This makes them an important port on the commercial route that connects North and South.

At the beginning, the objective was to establish a permanent base in order have a safe harbour capable of repairing our ships, storing all kind of goods and obtaining a better commercial position with the islanders. The project was plagued with problems, and conflict with the local chieftains was common, almost constant; but it went on for some years, until the situation was unsustainable.

The assault and burning of the base, plus the murdering of the town's mayor by a local clan triggered the salaian war machine, thus the island was invaded.

The reaction of the Community of Independent Islands parliament, the organism that coordinates the common archipelago policy, was the declaration of war.

Our technological advantage allowed us to crush their fleet with ease, and threaten their coastal towns and cities, but once on the ground things became much harder.

The regular infantry uniforms proved inadequate for the hot and humid of the islands. The firearms used to misfire, and the supplies and communications were slow and unreliable.

Finally, Salai chose a drastic measure. The island was blockaded and occupied by the main army. The island was swept from resistance and the local population was shipped by force to other islands. The same procedure was applied to a smaller island that was considered to be too close to the main island.

The islands were repopulated by settlers from the continent. In these islands military service is mandatory, both for males and females, due to the high risk of invasion. The island shores are constantly monitored.

Since then, corsairs have been a serious threat to merchant and fishing ships.

Commerce with the rest of the archipelago is officially prohibited, but smuggling is really common there.

Some Madet islands military leaders have sent troops to collaborate with the Mitzish invasion of our homeland. We consider that they do this not only as a revenge, but in order to learn modern combat techniques, obtain modern equipment and eventually take our islands back, with Mitzish support.’’




No journal entries yet.


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