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Hit and run

-Flying Squirrel reporting from hill 105. Enemy column in fighting distance. Target in line of fire. Positions not compromised but increasingly precarious. What is your command?

-High command here. Proceed as planned.
-Roger that.                       

Driver! Pre-engage reverse, be ready to drive away.
Gunner! Target at 9 o’clock, 600 meters, gun truck.

-Target locked!
-Fire at will.

BANG! ...Miss! Too high and on the right!

BANG! ...Miss! Still on the right!

BANG! ...Hit! One more...Shit! They are aiming at us! Retreat! RETREAT!

The vehicle

LLAU IV was a cruiser tank developed by the salaian army before the Great Southern War.

It had a good speed and manoeuvrability, but a rather thin armour.

Its armament consisted of a 40mm high velocity autocannon and a coaxial and a rear machine gun.

It had a crew of three: a commander, a gunner and a driver.

It was excellent for scouting and fast operations, and well liked by their crews, who praised its mobility and accuracy.

During the conflict, its chassis was also used as a platform for tank destroyers, self propelled guns and auxiliary vehicles. 
Still though, it proved unsuited to desert climate, and specially vulnerable do dust. In the advanced stages of the conflict, the desperate situation the salaian army endured meant that they had to be used in roles unsuited for them, or that they couldn’t be used at all, due to poor maintenance and fuel shortages.

The context

The Great War devastated the Southern Continent. The Salaian Expeditionary force was sent in order to assist their allies in this conflict.

Salai had fallen into a military dictatorship during the Salaian-Mitzish War, and was in a deep social and economic crisis ever since. Their participation in the conflict was seen as an opportunity to reassert its international position and inspire national feelings on their population, thus solving the grave problems that undermined the regime.

Time showed that what was thought to be their salvation would prove to be their demise.



Drawn with a 0.5mm mechanical pencil in a Din A3 and painted with Photoshop.

Barcelona Room

This drawing represents my room, as it was just before the summer vacations of 2017.


Four years ago I left my hometown to live in the city, Barcelona, in order to get my college studies. I went there alone, but that was actually a good thing, because it allowed me to rebuild my life in a way that would have been impossible in a town where everyone knows each other.

So my college years began.

I have spent two years living in a student residence, and after that I moved to a student flat, but after half a year there I had to move to another one, because the landlord got it embargoed over some unpaid debts. All of that happened during exam season. The second apartment’s owner told us that he was planning to do some renovations, but he didn’t know when they would begin. The renovations began in two weeks after we moved in.

The renovations consisted on the installment of an elevator. There was no space for that in that old building, so they cut a huge hole in the roof and floor of my flatmate’s room, who had to go to live to the dining room, which became his bedroom.
We were left with no dining/living room, and with a constant stream of strangers drilling, hammering and welding inside our house. Noise, dust and smell were constant.

Then, him, who was already a weirdo but at least paid his bills went totally nuts. He started piling up stuff, mountains of garbage. He accumulated bicycles, four of them, one stolen from the public bicycle system. Then he put an engine in one of them and tested it, inside our flat, making everything smell like gasoline. We almost never heard him talk, except at night when we could hear him yelling at people in counter strike. One day my other flatmate and I found out that her plastic strainer had been melted and my saucepan had welding spots on. That day we agreed to find a way to get rid of him, before the next academic year. So we plotted to find a peaceful way trick him out, because we were actually scared that if we angered him he could destroy our stuff.

So we contacted the owner in order to convince him to collaborate with us (we told him a slightly exaggerated version of the recent events) and he agreed to help.
Some days later, the owner summoned the three of us to tell us he wouldn’t renovate our contract, so we packed our things and moved them to a warehouse nearby. After our undesired companion left, we moved them back to our apartment, now without him.

The fourth year has been way better. The reformations were over, our nasty flatmate was gone, we had our dining room back, a brand new flatmate and even a (mostly) working elevator. During this last year I have even achieved my long lasting goal of getting a girlfriend.

She actually has a DA account and is a professional artist, so please, visit her and give her some work, so she doesn’t starve to death and I don't end up alone again.      
Link to her profile -->


Summary and some remarks

Looking back, I can say that these have been some of the finest years of my life. Not everything has been good or even pleasant, but at least most of it has been memorable, and I can say for sure that it has changed me.

I consider that the living space of a person can be a reflection of their lives and mindset, so I thought that this would be a good way of honouring these years.

So… Everything here has a story! Feel free to ask about any detail that catches your eye.
And… Bonus points if someone realizes what my field of study is!
Bonus points have a monetary value of 0. Virtual llamas may be delivered instead.


For those who follow me on DeviantArt, don’t worry, this is just a deviation(wink wink). Personal stuff won’t be a common theme here.

Warlike drawings are not over and will be back somewhere between two weeks and the heath death of the universe.

Hammer of the Gods

From my airship, I can see our troops valiantly advancing towards the enemy.
They have to be fast. They have to get close before the enemy reloads their siege rockets.

My mission is to be their eyes in the sky. Spot the enemy guns and report their locations to the artillery behind our lines. As soon as any of them dares to fire, they will be blasted into pieces.

We can’t just bomb the town to oblivion because there are civilians are trapped there.
OUR civilians. In OUR town. We will have to get them out the old way. Bayonet and guts.

Our scouts have secured the flanks, and they will cut the enemy retreat.
They will have no escape. Surrender or death.

We are marching against time. Some heroes are still holding a building in it and patches of the riverbank. They won’t resist for long, and if they fall, enemy reinforcements will rush into the town, risking the whole operation.

The context – Battle of Arcosa Valley

The Mitzish invasion of Salai trough Arcosa Valley was brought to a halt by a local garrison when they flooded the fields and demolished the bridges.
The Mitzish general on that front knew that they had to take the mountain pass that connects the valley and plains before hostile reinforcements arrived, so they launched a quick offensive trough a shallow section of the river and advanced towards the town.

The defenders fought bravely, but the town was surrounded and occupied before the main army could arrive. Well, it has arrived now, and they want to get it back.

Seconds before this scene:

The defenders fighting the mitzish onslaught:


Drawn with 0.5 mm mechanical pencil on Din A4 paper.

Author’s note
I want to paint this drawing, but my free time will be close to none on the months to come,
so I’m posting it this way.

PD.  Who else listens to Sabaton while drawing battles?
Anyway... happy New Year!



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